21 jump street

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Each of the Jump St.

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personnel was selected for their ability to pass for high school or college students, allowing them to operate undercover in areas where it is difficult for regular police officers to blend in unnoticed. PrettyMuchDanish 21 points 22 points 23 points 4 years ago (15 children) The difference between him in Moneyball and 21 Jump Street is pretty amazing considering there was barely a year between them.

Metacritic TV Reviews, 21 Jump Street, 21 Jump Street is about a group of under-age looking cops who go undercover at high schools to catch young criminals before they become o. Rookie cops Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum go undercover as students to bust a high school drug ring - with hysterically disastrous results!

21 Jump Street.

Film Face-off: '21 Jump Street' vs. '22 Jump Street'

Jonah Hill is Schmidt. He was a nerd in high school, even trying to dress up like the real Slim Shady. Now, he's a book smart cop who doesn't have many physical skills.

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21 jump street
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