Leasing in thailand

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Property Lease in Thailand

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Properties for Rent in Thailand

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Thai Real Estate Lease Leasehold and Rent laws

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Leasing Property / Land In Thailand As foreigners cannot claim ownership over land as freehold, the preferred method of acquiring land is through leasehold.

A foreigner can safely acquire the right to use the land and register the right for a maximum lease term of year lease at the Land Department. Lease agreements in Thailand is a commonly used instrument and is more specifically referred to as a "hire of property" under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand.

Anticipating the needs of each era, SMFL is dedicated to contributing to society by providing high-value-added services. Company Profile. Thailand Property is Thailand’s leading real estate rental resource, listing 38 affordable properties for rent in Thailand.

Properties range from condominiums, houses, townhouses and villas. Rental property listings are provided by Thailand’s top real estate agents, professionals and private home owners.

Leasing a Business in Thailand

Find your perfect home by refining your search with the tools provided, Thailand Property allows users to filter. Lease agreements in Thailand is a commonly used instrument and is more specifically referred to as a “hire of property” under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand.

National Car Thailand offers the Long Term Rental program in the location in Pattaya.

Leasing Services companies in Thailand

Pattaya is located around km southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya is located around km southeast of Bangkok. It is facing a wide bay and beach.

Leasing in thailand
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