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Meadow et al v. NIBCO, Inc.

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Goodwin V. Nibco Inc

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NIBCO Dura Pex Piping – Investigation

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Your Nibco - Better Product - Better Customer Service, Anderson. 28 likes. We're solving problems one quality product at a This case concerns cross-linked polyethylene plumbing tubes (“PEX Tubing”), the brass fittings required to connect the PEX Tubing together (“PEX Fittings”), and the stainless steel clamps (herein “PEX Clamps”) required for joining the PEX Tubing and PEX Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Meadow et al v.

Nibco Inc.

NIBCO, Inc., case number cv, from Tennessee Middle One NIBCO customer who filed a lawsuit against the company, James Monica, experienced two additional leaks after he first became aware of the problem and contacted a professional plumber for help.

Other customers across the country have taken to the Internet to voice their concerns.

NIBCO Case Studies

In this case, NIBCO has failed to come forward with any evidence that would justify limiting the plaintiffs' remedies. NIBCO claims, instead, that the court was required to facilitate its discovery of any such evidence by granting its requests to interrogate the former employees regarding their immigration status.

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Nibco case
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