Problems in vietnam education

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Education in Thailand

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Education in Vietnam

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Nowadays, education in Vietnam meet a lot of problems need to be solved. Including, school fee, infrastructure and curriculum are three main problems make student’s difficulties and make quality of education not good at all.

The Vietnamese education system is trying to overcome outdated curriculums and teacher-centered lessons. Although there is still plenty of work to do, the standards have improved over the years.

Education in Vietnam is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). When we analyze a big, complicated problem — like malnutrition in Vietnam, or a married couple nearing divorce, or a business on the verge of bankruptcy — we seek a solution that befits the.

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Problems and Issues. Population: (65% are under 25) with consequent serious strains on the education system and the labour market. Poverty: Nearly three-quarters of Vietnam’s population were living in poverty in the mids.

In the early nineties, the government committed itself to a systematic strategy to improve the situation: it has. Florida is home to more thanVietnam-era veterans, so it is very likely that one in three veterans you meet in the Sunshine State is a Vietnam veteran.

Problems in vietnam education
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