Tcs retention strategies

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TCS maintains best employee retention rate

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Examples of a Training Strategy

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Some of the popular awards are Star of the Month and Quarter Awards, On the Spot Award, Best Programme and Project Manager Awards, Star Team Award, Beyond Performance Award, Service Awards, appreciation certificates. impact of retention strategies on employee turnover in sugar industry in India.

policy based on its own values is a clear ‘X’ factor for the success of TCS in retention.

CUSTOMER RETENTION STATISTICS – The Ultimate Collection for Small Business

It was also revealed that the rate of attrition in TCS was only %. Shukla, Chapter 3: Review of Literature. Soil nailing is a method of earth retention that relies on reinforcing strands or helical members installed within a soil mass to create an internally stable gravity wall/retaining system.

There are many advantages in using Soil Nails over other retaining wall strategies. In a landmark decision, India’s IT giant Tata Consultancy Services has just doubled the salaries of freshers.

This has been done for only those freshers, who have some special ‘new age digital’ skills. For the past 10 years, TCS and most of the IT companies in India have been offering a salary of Rs lakh per year for freshers.

This is how TCS navigated multiple technological cycles over the past five decades.

TCS announces premier partnership with Adobe for digital marketing solutions and services

The second aspect of our business sustainability is our people-friendly philosophy. Investing in our employees, empowering them, and helping them realize their potential has given us the best-in-class employee retention rates over the past decade. Before you can begin to create successful retention strategies, you must first troubleshoot for unresolved issues in your organization.

Identifying and then addressing employees’ concerns is a critical step to increase your retention rate.

Tcs retention strategies
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